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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can contact our support team by email and address any question / issue you are facing with Syndeseas app / mrv_log, at or by using the contact form available in our website.​

In fact, our support team can even support your side in terms of technical questions related to regulatory compliance (EU MRV, IMO DCS) and even on the use of EMSA Thetis MRV.​

Please feel free to address any question you may have to our support team, and we will be happy to assist / support in any way possible.​

Any company may join Syndeseas at any given time within the reporting period, even after its completion! ​

This is possible due to the Syndeseas capability to perform backdated data pre-verification. Simply provide us the daily reporting data (or per voyage data) in whatever format you have them available, and let us take care of it for you.​

After joining Syndeseas, your data reporting system will be integrated with Syndeseas and data can be directly collected and continuously pre-verified by our Syndeseas auditors.​

Syndeseas unique ability is to serve all companies needs, by enabling integration with any system used for daily reporting, without the need to install any hardware or software onboard or ashore. ​

It is even possible to provide assistance in cases where plain email is used for daily reporting or to companies looking to develop their own reporting system at this point. ​

Simply contact our support team and let’s see how we can best serve your business specific needs.​

Syndeseas can assist any company at any given time, by offering combined data pre-verification and data enrichment services. ​

Whether the data gaps are related to distance sailed, time spent at sea, at anchor or at berth, or even fuel consumption data, Syndeseas is in position to provide assistance for filling them up.​

Please address any such request to our support team, and we will assign an expert to contact you and guide you accordingly.​

Of course, Syndeseas is an integrated solution, designed and developed not only for regulatory compliance, but also with the capability to become the medium to unlock the benefits of digitalization, for all. ​

And by all, we mean for any ship management company, irrespective of the level of available technology onboard and systems used for daily reporting.​

We can do that, by offering unique near real time monitoring capabilities, through utilization of the daily reporting with simultaneous data enrichment. ​

In addition, Syndeseas can be fed with historic operational data of your ship, thus building a historic data database, which can be used to provide valuable insights on ship / fleet performance, through historic and near real time ship operational data analysis.​

Please feel free to contact our support team with any relevant question/request, and we will assign an expert to contact you accordingly.​

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