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The EU Shipping Emissions MRV Regulation and the IMO Mandatory Fuel Consumption Data Collection System, along with the IMO Ship Energy Efficiency Management Regulations, form part of the new global strategy for the reduction of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions from Maritime Transport, aiming towards the effective tackling of the adverse impacts of Climate Change.

The Syndeseas Integrated Solution is a response to the above declared global priority: an innovative tool, a software, managed by a team of experienced Shipping MRV Auditors, designed to support and facilitate the enhanced implementation of new as well as existing maritime regulations, making compliance easy for all. 

In pursuit of our mission, Syndeseas Integrated Solution is continuously developed and enhanced, in order to provide the means to effectively support shipping’s transition to a new era, by unlocking the benefits of digitalization and Maritime Big Data, for all involved in the Maritime Industry, aiming at a more efficient and sustainable shipping.

Syndeseas has already managed to achieve great recognition, receive multiple awards and –most importantly- claim a reputable position in the market, promoting business along with raising technical awareness.

Our solid commitment is to serve and promote the public interest throughout our activities, whilst being highly and effectively responsive to our clients’ individual and collective needs. 

In doing so, we commit to maintain a strong focus on the delivery of high quality services, that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Range of provided services


Syndeseas supports ship management companies with EU MRV & IMO DCS regulatory compliance, by introducing a novel game‐changer approach: the continuous pre‐verification of reported data, as an ongoing process –including continuous secure remote access to full set of verifiable data in the cloud.

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Syndeseas supports near real time ship performance monitoring, by converting operational, AIS and meteorological data ​to valuable vessel & fleet performance insights, for performance optimization and subsequent fuel costs reduction.

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Syndeseas enables the conversion of reported data into valuable insights on GHG emissions impact from ships, calling to/departing from any defined port, country and region. ​The advanced analysis allows faster and more effective evaluation of implemented measures, supporting the decision making process​

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Syndeseas functionality can be utilized to support the regulatory implementation and verification process for all parties involved: Classification Societies, Independent Verifiers, Flag Administrations & Regulatory Bodies.

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As Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd, we are dedicated in promoting and raising technical awareness internationally through delivery of Training courses and CPD activities on EU MRV, IMO DCS regulatory compliance and ship energy efficiency and performance optimization.

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We believe that technology powers shipping into the future, innovation however is steering it there. As an innovative company, we continuously invest resources and engage in R&D activities, related to ship and port performance optimization, through maritime big data utilization

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Effective Solutions

Syndeseas Integrated Solution was designed and developed based on a holistic approach, utilizing information and communications technology (ICT) in a way that better serves the entire maritime industry’s needs (regulatory and technological towards digitalization), as well as the global shared vision for greener seas. 

Knowledge & Experience

Syndeseas Integrated Solution is an innovative software designed, developed and operated through the cooperation of experienced maritime professionals (Naval Architects, Environmental Engineers, Shipping MRV Auditors) and IT experts, uniquely combining extensive knowledge and experience from both sectors.


Developed based on a holistic approach in serving the maritime industry’s needs, Syndeseas can effectively support regulatory compliance, ship performance optimization and shipping GHG emissions insights advanced analysis. Most importantly, it can do so for all parties involved in the regulatory process, ​making compliance easy for all.​


Our solution, operated by our team of experienced Shipping MRV Auditors, Naval Architects and IT experts, guarantees you will continuously receive full, reliable and dependable technical consultancy and support for your ships and fleet, for any and all system functions you may decide to utilize, ​making Syndeseas the partner you can rely on.​

Designed to serve

Syndeseas can utilize whatever reporting systems and technology are implemented onboard your ships or ashore at your company’s premises, without the need to install any additional software or hardware.​It is thus a technology equalizer, unlocking the benefits of digitalization for all.