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Who we are

“Creatures with conscience, like humans, can never escape their responsibility”

E.P. Papanoutsos, in “Science and Responsibility”

Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd is a Cypriot innovative start-up, formed by a team of Maritime Professionals (Naval Architects, Mechanical / Environmental Engineers) and IT Experts, all sharing a common view: 

that our main responsibility as humans and as professionals, is to form part of the global efforts for facilitating the maritime industry’s contribution towards tackling man-made climate change and to act now, to preserve our planet for us and the following generations.

Incorporated on the 3rd of November 2017 in Cyprus, Syndeseas is a maritime technology start-up aiming to form part and contribute in the shipping industry’s transition into the digitalization era, through effective utilization of maritime big data. 

Our goal: a more efficient and sustainable shipping.

Our Mission & Vision

Syndeseas is on a mission to utilize information & communications technology, towards engineering innovative and effective solutions, serving the maritime industry and the global shared vision for greener seas.

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