18/10/2020 - Syndeseas releases its new promotional video

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18/10/2020 – Syndeseas releases its new promotional video

Following our recent win in the Cyprus Startups Virtual Pitch Competition (co-organized by Invest Cyprus, UAE Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) and the UAE’s Ministry of Economy), Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd will represent Cyprus, as the National Champion, at the AIM Global National Champions League (20th-22nd October 2020).

The date and time of our pitch will be on 21st October, 2020, at 13:02 UAE time (12:02 Cyprus time). Further to the above, Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd will be participating in the relevant exhibition (20th-22nd October 2020), with its own virtual exhibition kiosk.
We are very happy to have the chance to once more represent Cyprus and the Cypriot startup/innovation ecosystem on an international level.

At the same time, we are happy to release our promotional video for the new added functionalities of Syndeseas, in our effort to Democratize Maritime Digital Transformation.

Now more than ever, Cyprus is in need to regain its pride and focus on the most suitable ways for our economy to recover and remain competitive. We fully support the national efforts to bring Industry, Academia, Research Centers, Government & Businessworld to work #together and focus on the common goal of #innovation #commercialisation, in order to have real #impact on the economy and prove to our European counterparts that together, we can #deliver!

About Digital AIM 2020:
The Digital AIM 2020, a special edition of the Annual Investment Meeting, world’s leading investment platform, is a three-day Digital event in a secured digital environment that brings together investment experts, facilitating robust strategies and strengthening networking.

Promotional video of Syndeseas Integrated Solution (www.syndeseas.com) with reference to new added functionality, for utilization of Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System

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