09/04/2020 - GMN MTCC Latin America Reports on Pilot Projects 1 & 2 published

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09/04/2020 – GMN MTCC Latin America Reports on Pilot Projects 1 & 2 published

In Syndeseas, we are dedicated in contributing to the global efforts for facilitating and enhancing shipping’s contribution towards tackling climate change.

For this reason, we actively took part in the MTCC Latin America’s (an EU & IMO co-funded project) capacity building efforts (by participating in its launching and first regional events in Panama in 2018 and also by organizing our own training courses for stakeholders of the region in 2019 and 2020).

Going beyond that, we were also actively involved in both Pilot Projects of the MTCC Latin America, and especially in Pilot Project 2: “Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection and Reporting” with a scope of providing valuable insights for not only efficient, but enhanced regulatory compliance.

The most important conclusion of the project was:
“The results of Pilot Project 2, reveal that existing technologies and reporting systems implemented onboard, if utilized correctly, may offer immediate positive impact.

The shipping sector’s contribution towards tackling climate change, can only be facilitated and enhanced through a combination of the below:
-enhanced regulatory compliance
-ship performance optimization

Regulatory compliance may be the key for ship performance optimization, if effectively implemented and results exploited.”
Today both Pilot Projects Reports are available in the official Global MTCC Network website: https://gmn.imo.org/

We are really proud to have a Cypriot startup appearing as key contributor in meaningful international shipping related projects. And we hereby declare our readiness and willingness to be involved in R&D projects in our region and Cyprus as well.
Many thanks to the Syndeseas team members participating in the projects, as well as to the MTCC Latin America personnel and supporting organizations / professionals, for their efforts and valuable contribution.

Author: asf45rted4